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What Doug Can Do For You

Doing things better, more effectively and efficiently... these are goals of every professional practice. Professional Business Management (PBM) works with you to improve the overall performance of your practice, by helping you to identify problems, teach practical, easy-to-use solutions, and provide follow-up support.

PBM's goal is to help you improve your practice so that everyone–you, your staff and your patients–can see a noticeable improvement in service, results and bottom-line performance.

Through a team approach that includes you, your staff and Doug Aiton, PBM President, a wide range of practice management areas are addressed, including but not limited to:

  • Patient relations
  • Team building and communication
  • Controlling overhead
  • Practice transitioning – buy, sell, expand
  • Marketing – getting new patients in the door
  • Selling – getting clients who need treatment to perceive the value of your service

During the initial two-day analysis and planning session that includes you and your staff, a comprehensive strategic plan for your practice will be developed. You will have in hand a long-term, fully integrated plan designed to produce consistent, better results for your practice. By involving everyone on your staff, a team commitment to the process and to any proposed changes will be built.

You will also have a one-year commitment from PBM to provide you and your staff with all the follow-up support necessary to bring about desired changes and implement agreed upon solutions. This will include follow-up visits by Doug Aiton to your office. These visits will include assessments of the progress made with the new changes and ways the practice may be further improved.

Professional Business Management is a national professional practice management consulting firm.
Consultant Doug Aiton’s results-oriented consulting has helped hundreds of practitioners and their staff to achieve their goals,
enjoy their work, and be more fulfilled in their profession.

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